Commercial Fire Alarms: Your 1st Line of Defense in Protecting Employees, Clients & Property

FireAlamrsCommercialFire Prevention Is Priceless

Fire Ranger is committed to building awareness of the critical importance of fire alarms for both residential and commercial protection. Enough cannot be said on this subject.

There are staggering statistics from the most reputable fire authorities that depict the devastating effects of not having fire safety equipment or not having it in good, working order. Loss of life, property and the emotional and financial cost of recovering and rebuilding after a fire, are serious consequences from not having the correct fire alarms in your home or business.

An example of some of these statistics from the NFPA – National Fire Protection Agency include:

  • Smoke alarms provide an early warning of a fire, giving people additional escape time. In 2009-2013, smoke alarms sounded in more than half (53%) of the fires reported to U.S. fire departments.
  • Three of every five fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms (38%) or no working smoke alarms (21%).
  • The death rate per 100 reported home fires was more than twice as high in homes that did not have any working smoke alarms compared to the rate in homes with working smoke alarms (1.18 deaths vs. 0.53 deaths per 100 fires).
  • In fires in which the smoke alarms were present but did not operate, almost half (46%) of the smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries.
  • Dead batteries caused one-quarter (24%) of the smoke alarm failures.

It is important to note that commercial and residential structures are much safer with a fully compliant, correctly installed fire alarm in place. In the case of commercial structures, it is also critical to have a working fire safety program in place that is regularly tested and practiced by employees.

FireAlamrsCommercial-2Did You Know? Many Florida businesses depend on Fire Ranger™ for life safety equipment and service which meets OSHA and NFPA Codes. Fire Ranger™ can provide the needed service and testing of this vital equipment. Our team of experienced fire alarm technicians can provide you with service, testing and inspection required by State and Local Codes. These Codes follow national guidelines so that by law, all commercial fire alarm systems will be tested annually.

Through this expanding range of services Fire Ranger™ has the competitive edge in an ever growing marketplace by giving you a one-source solution for all your life safety needs. We can also provide you with monitoring of the fire alarm to notify the authorities when there is an emergency.

Call now for a free survey and evaluation of your fire alarm system.

There is no way to guarantee a fire will never occur but being prepared and having the correct fire safety equipment in place with a staff that knows how to operate it, can significantly reduce a business owner’s liability, loss of down time, property and personal damage.

Working with an experienced and reputable fire protection company will ensure the right equipment is in the right place and is properly maintained, should it be needed. Our trained staff will be able to provide insight and training and ensure your business is compliant with the relevant state and city laws. Contact the Fire Ranger Team for more at (954) 566-5430 or online at


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