Specialized Services

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Florida State fire code states that all exit and emergency lighting must be in operable condition, with a back up battery power supply that in the case of power failure will last for at least 90 minutes.

Fully working emergency lighting is vital for safe paths of escape in the event of an emergency.

Fire Ranger™’s fully trained and insured technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the testing, service and inspection of all types of exit and emergency lighting.

The complete inspection and testing of your lighting at least annually is highly recommended to prevent failure in the event of any type of power loss. From new installations, replacement batteries, bulbs, covers and lenses to complete preventive maintenance programs, service and testing you can rely on Fire Ranger™ to provide you with the highest quality in service.

Fire Retardant

There are many various types of fire retardants available; each specifically designed depending on the material to be protected. Common applications include Upholstery, Carpets, Curtains and Drapes, Interior Lumber, Banners, Posters, Flags, Bales of Hay and Tiki Hut Roofs.

Coverage rates are strictly determined by the manufacturers recommended application levels and all material protected must be pre tested to determine absorbency. Certificates of Fire Resistance can only be issued upon a final test after application has been completed.

All Fire Retardants are applied in accordance and to comply with NFPA 701.

Fire Ranger™ is a licensed applicator and distributor of all “Fire Shield” fire retardant products.

Specialist applications are inspected and determined on an individual basis.

Fire Hoses

Often over looked as an essential aspect of a buildings fire fighting capabilities, occupant use fire hoses need to be inspected and tested in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and state fire codes.

In service occupant use fire hoses must be inspected at least annually in accordance and to comply with NFPA 1961 AND 1962. Inspection consists of unracking, unreeling or unrolling the hose and inspecting to determine that the hose, couplings and nozzle have not been vandalized, are free from debris and exhibit no evidence of mildew, rot, or damage by vandalism, chemicals, burns, cuts, abrasion and vermin.

Florida state fire code also requires that occupant use fire hoses pass a hydrostatic pressure test or are replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years after manufacture and every 3 years thereafter.

Fire ranger can install, service, test, hydro-test, inspect and certify all types of fire hoses, from marine vessels and dockside hoses to warehouses, factories, condominiums, schools and offices.

Florida state law, coastguard and local authority fire codes vary widely on the placement, use, servicing, testing and certification of fire hoses.

Cabinets and Covers

Fire extinguisher and hose cabinets and covers can provide protection for all your equipment, from theft, vandalism, misuse and weather.

From practical applications, to decorative custom designs to fit all budgets, Fire Ranger™ can supply and install a wide selection of styles, colors, shapes and sizes .

Fire Ranger™ carries the new Cato “shatterproof” plastic pullout panel cabinets in stock, which allow you to benefit from no more broken glass and unsightly breaker bars.


Having the right equipment without the knowledge and confidence to use it could be disastrous in case of fire. The “P.A.S.S.” program of first-hand training and demonstrations on the use of portable fire extinguishers is available to all Fire Ranger™ accounts and customers.

Our state licensed and trained technicians are available for on-site training and demonstrations. From the basics of how extinguishers work, what they are designed to do and where they should be located, to full training, including confidence building, demonstrations and hands on equipment activation of all types of Fire extinguishers. Also be sure to visit the HOW TO USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER link on the right side.

New Construction Contractors

Fire Ranger™ can supply and install all types of fire extinguishers, cabinets, signs and covers for all construction projects.

No job is too big or small, we include free on site delivery from single unit re-models to complete construction projects.

Our training and licensing provide us with the knowledge and experience to advise architects, contractors and project managers with any type of concerns regarding the supply and installation of fire fighting equipment.

Contractors can benefit from our equipment lease programs.

By providing on site fire extinguishers for the duration of your construction project, we take the responsibility for any misuse.

Why buy equipment over and over again for the duration of a long build out, leasing certified and approved equipment is a far better solution.


Preparing for, or dealing with the aftermath of a city or statewide fire inspection can be not only confusing but also extremely distressing.

Our unrivalled professionalism and experience in the fire and safety industry allows Fire Ranger™ to lead the way in knowledge and experience.

After building relationships and trust over many years with local and state authorities and agencies we can offer advice and service that’s second to none.

Whether you’ve failed a city inspection, are applying for a certificate of occupancy, require Insurance reports and documentation or just need advice and consultation, don’t wait until it’s too late, you could be incurring fines and penalties and jeopardizing your insurance coverage.

Fire Ranger™ can supply, install, inspect and certify your equipment to meet all local and state fire codes.


Many different local authorities and inspectors have different requests and standards for signs and notices.

From HAZMAT signs, RF Truss signs, warning notices and equipment indicators to Safety and educational signs Fire Ranger is your one stop shop for sales and installation of code compliance fire and life safety signs.

We have a large selection of stock item signs and can custom make and sign in any size, shape, color or design to fit your request.

Call Fire Ranger for all your fire and life safety sign needs.

First Aid Kits

Commercial and Residential properties should always have a readily available First Aid Kit for all your minor safety incidents.

Help protect your employees, boost productivity and reduce injuries and illness.

Fire Ranger has a wide selection of First Aid Kits and supplies for all your life safety needs. We offer new kits and a complete restocking scheduled service to make sure your employees are always protected.

From small personal vehicle packs to office, warehouse and industrial space kits call Fire Ranger now for your specific needs.

Brackets and Hangers

State and local fire and safety codes require that all equipment is stored and hung with the OEM recommended equipment.

Accidents often occur with fire extinguishers hung on the incorrect bracket and falling or getting knocked off.

Avoid injury and damage by making sure your equipment is compliantly installed at the right location, height and with the correct bracket.

Fire Ranger offers the most comprehensive stock of equipment brackets and wall hangers.