Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant and Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

Restaurant and kitchen hood fire suppression systems are required by manufacturers and State fire code law to be inspected, serviced, tested and certified at semi annual intervals.

There are many different types and styles of pre- engineered fire systems and fire extinguishers available for the protection of cooking equipment. Each system is custom designed, built and installed for individual premises and the equipment it covers at each location.

Fire Rangers state licensed and insured, factory trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer you full inspection, service, maintenance and certification of your restaurant kitchen hood fire suppression system.

From design and installation, renovation and re–modeling to Florida state and local authority routine code compliant certifications ( N.F.P.A 17-17A and 96) we lead the way in up to date code knowledge and awareness. Local fire authorities, health and safety inspectors and insurance agents are enforcing statewide fire codes.

Hood, Exhaust and Duct Cleaning

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens are required by Florida State Fire Code to periodically have their hoods, exhaust, plenum, filters and associated areas pressure cleaned to remove build-up of potentially dangerous excess cooking grease and charcoal residue.

Excess cooking grease can build up in the ducts and filters and could not only be a major fire hazard but also cause damage to the exhaust fans and filters and be a health hazard.

Depending on the volume of cooking that your establishment is doing you could need to have your hoods cleaned anywhere from annually to every month for high volume cooking establishments. Florida State Fire Code NFPA 96 states that all kitchens and cooking establishments must have their hoods and associated areas pressure cleaned of grease and charcoal by a licensed hood cleaning company.

Fire Ranger has over 25 years experience in hood cleaning services.

Industrial Spray Booths Suppression Systems

Commercial and Industrial spray booths are required by law to be installed with a state certified fire suppression system.

Fire Rangers state licensed and factory trained technicians are available for service, maintenance, installation, inspection and certification of your industrial fire suppression systems.

From paint spray shops to gas stations, airports to marinas our knowledge, experience and capabilities in industrial fire protection cover every aspect of your equipment. According to state law, industrial fire suppression systems must be inspected, tested, serviced and certified in accordance with the individual manufacturers recommendations, this can vary widely depending on each system.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Pre – engineered and custom designed engineered clean agent fire suppression systems are available for coverage in many different applications.

Computer server rooms and expensive I.T. equipment should be covered with total flooding or spot protection systems using clean agent halogenated gases such as FM200. Novec 12330 or FE25.

Fire Ranger is a state licensed halon recovery center and offers expert help on the inspection, service, test, installation, certification and repair of clean agent fire suppression systems.

At Fire Ranger we offer expert solutions to integrate all of your fire protection needs.

With specialized service in clean agent fire suppression and fire alarm systems; our services are geared toward fulfilling our mission of protecting life, property and business.


Preparing for, or dealing with the aftermath of a city or statewide fire inspection can be not only confusing but also extremely distressing.

Our unrivalled professionalism and experience in the fire and safety industry allows Fire Ranger™ to lead the way in knowledge and experience.

After building relationships and trust over many years with local and state authorities and agencies we can offer advice and service that’s second to none.

Whether you’ve failed a city inspection, are applying for a certificate of occupancy, require Insurance reports and documentation or just need advice and consultation, don’t wait until it’s too late, you could be incurring fines and penalties and jeopardizing your insurance coverage.

Fire Ranger™ can supply, install, inspect and certify your equipment to meet all local and state fire codes.