Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are your first line of defense in protecting your life and property.

Regular maintenance and inspections are not only required by law but are paramount in case of fire.

Fire Ranger’s state licensed technicians can install, service, inspect and certify your fire extinguishers in accordance and to comply with N.F.P.A. 10, Florida state fire code.

Depending on the hazard at your location, there are many types and sizes of extinguisher available, from water to dry chemical powder, CO2 to clean agent halon there are vast differences in which type of extinguisher is designed to extinguish which type of fire, the wrong extinguisher in the wrong location could spell disaster.

All common public occupied areas and commercial property fire extinguishers are required by Florida State fire code to be visually inspected on a monthly basis and to be inspected and certified by a licensed company annually.

Failing to comply with local authority or state fire codes can mean costly fines, cancellation of insurance and endangerment of your property and staff.


Florida state law requires a minimum protection of all commercial property with fire protection and safety equipment. The National Fire Protection Association’s (N.F.P.A.) minimum standards are adopted by the state of Florida as its Fire code.

Local authorities including, county and city departments are ultimately responsible for enforcing these level of fire codes, but their standards cannot drop below that of minimum requirements laid down by the state of Florida.

Local fire codes can vary from city to city and must be adhered to by any commercial property owner or lessee.

Fire Ranger™s experience in dealing with various city fire codes is second to none and our knowledge in the fire and safety business is invaluable for you and your peace of mind.


Private residences do not have to adhere to the same codes as commercial property with regards to fire and safety equipment; however it is strongly recommended that each household is equipped with at least one minimum rated fire extinguisher.

Leased, owned and shared area property such as condominiums, apartments and rented housing do come under the jurisdiction of Florida state and local authority fire codes and are required to act within these laws.

Portable fire extinguishers are required in all common public occupied areas at no more than 75 feet intervals.

Fire Ranger can supply fire extinguisher cabinets and covers for the protection of your equipment from the weather, theft and vandalism.

Fire Extinguisher Rentals

Stay safe and compliant without the cost of new equipment.

Fire Ranger has an extensive line of first class certified fire extinguishers for rent to cover your next event or construction project.

From festivals, boat shows, food shows, firework displays, temporary businesses and sporting events to new construction projects and remodels, save money by having certified compliant fire extinguishers delivered to your door and collected at the end of your event.

Fire Ranger can also supply a wide range of equipment stands and accessories including brackets, stands and signs.


Preparing for, or dealing with the aftermath of a city or statewide fire inspection can be not only confusing but also extremely distressing.

Our unrivalled professionalism and experience in the fire and safety industry allows Fire Ranger™ to lead the way in knowledge and experience.

After building relationships and trust over many years with local and state authorities and agencies we can offer advice and service that’s second to none.

Whether you’ve failed a city inspection, are applying for a certificate of occupancy, require Insurance reports and documentation or just need advice and consultation, don’t wait until it’s too late, you could be incurring fines and penalties and jeopardizing your insurance coverage.

Fire Ranger™ can supply, install, inspect and certify your equipment to meet all local and state fire codes.